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Art-of-Air Award_Zertifikat

2019 Art of Air Award

Hennef, December 21, 2019 – The Art of Air initiative, founded by AIRNERGY, has also awarded the Art of Air Award (AoAA), launched a year ago, to Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy, in 2019. Chi has ...
Corporate Health - gestresster Mitarbeiter

Corporate Health: A way to pave a healthy workplace

Corporate health has evolved over the years, mirroring shifts in our understanding of health within the workplace. Historically, employee health was often overlooked, as employers primarily prioritized productivity.
Atmen und unsere Vitalkapazität der Luft mit Guido Bierther - Airnergy - Die Macht der Epigenetik - HealVersity

Breathing and our vital air capacity with Dr. Manuel Burzler and Guido Bierther

In this podcast episode, Dr. Manuel Burzler has Guido Bierther, CEO of Airnergy, as a guest and the two of them talk about a really fascinating topic: breathing and air! It may sound simple, but there's so much more to it than meets the eye. Why oxygen is so crucial for our bodies and how we can do a lot for our health by breathing consciously and spending time in nature.
Wellness Spa Anti-Aging_Airnergy

The science of anti-aging – A discovery that has changed the world

Despite its paramount importance, many individuals overlook the significance of breathing and harbor misconceptions about its nature. Breathing is often narrowly viewed as a process of gas exchange in the lungs, with exercises focusing primarily on mechanical diaphragm movement.

Oxidative stress: an elusive root cause of inflammation and diseases

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an excess of free radicals produced in the body and insufficient antioxidants to counteract them.

To set the record straight: Free radicals are essential for life

When free radicals are mentioned, people often associate them with being extremely dangerous and harmful to health, based on scientific evidence and public education. However, the truth diverges from this perception.
Airnergy im Gespräch mit Mr. Raw

Mr. Raw, the popular nutrition and raw food specialist, in conversation with Airnergy

Experience with David from Mr. Raw (popular raw food specialist) and Guido Bierther from Airnergy a fascinating journey into the world of living air with increased detoxification properties and learn about the breathing atmosphere what you have not yet learned at school or university...
Jaspre Guest Airnergy Spirovitalisierung Spa und Wellness Baden-Baden

Indoor forest bathing in the spa with Airnergy: A review by Jaspre Guest on

Jaspre Guest, activist and creative entrepreneur, founder of the boutique branding and PR agency Noise 784, is also known as "The Fixer" in the USA. In Baden-Baden, she came across spirovitalization with Airnergy during a wellness check at Villa Stephanie.
Makuladegeneration - eine schleichende Bedrohung für die Sehkraft im Alter
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Makular degeneration: A looming sight threat as we age

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), is a severe medical condition that can have significant effects on health, particularly vision. This condition can cause a loss of central vision or a blurring of vision within the central visual field.
Dr. Jibin Chi über die Stärkung von COPD-Patienten mit Airnergy und dem Airnergy Stream
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CHI doctor, Dr. Chi, on empowering COPD patients with Airnergy and Airnergy Stream

In this exciting publication, Jibin Chi, MD, MBA, MBI (CHI Awakening Academy, Sweden) goes into detail about the complex interplay of oxidative stress and inflammation in COPD, as well as how to empower COPD patients with the Airnergy Stream.