Art-of-Air Award_Zertifikat
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2019 Art of Air Award

Hennef, December 21, 2019 – The Art of Air initiative, founded by AIRNERGY, has also awarded the Art of Air Award (AoAA), launched a year ago, to Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy, in 2019. Chi has ...
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AIRNERGY protects its brand “SPIROVITAL”

The name may only be used with reference to AIRNERGY Now it is official: under the number 017887107 the name "SPIROVITAL" created by the Hennefer health company AIRNERGY has been registered as a European EU trade mark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Guido Bierther, AIRNERGY founder and managing director, received the corresponding certificate a few days ago.....
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SPIROYAL® – the new AIRNERGY brand for the highest customer demands

Royal breathing with an extravagant fountain of youth   Hennef, in September 2018 – SPIROYAL® – is the name of a new brand under which the Hennefer healthcare company AIRNERGY will offer a particularly beautiful energy breathing…