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2019 Art of Air Award

Hennef, December 21, 2019 – The Art of Air initiative, founded by AIRNERGY, has also awarded the Art of Air Award (AoAA), launched a year ago, to Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy, in 2019. Chi has ...
AIRNERGY Application example Dogs and pets

Vet-Stream – Airnergy Stream for pets and animals

Animals, like humans, absorb vital energy through their skin on a constant and proportional basis. The so-called tissue matrix, internal respiration as well as cellular respiration, metabolism and repair processes for the entire organism participate.
Dr. Jibin Chi über die Stärkung von COPD-Patienten mit Airnergy und dem Airnergy Stream
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CHI doctor, Dr. Chi, on empowering COPD patients with Airnergy and Airnergy Stream

In this exciting publication, Jibin Chi, MD, MBA, MBI (CHI Awakening Academy, Sweden) goes into detail about the complex interplay of oxidative stress and inflammation in COPD, as well as how to empower COPD patients with the Airnergy Stream.