BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2019 / You can live approximately three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without air.


An innovative company based in Germany, Airnergy International GmbH, (, has revolutionized oxygen

treatment and delivery using a patented method based on photosynthesis, special light waves and catalysts. The user inhales this powerful, treated air for 21 minutes. As a result of this ground- breaking system, it is easier for cells to effectively use the oxygen in the air without creating any harmful, oxidizing effects.


Airnergy International Headquarters, Germany

The Nobel Prize recently awarded for physiology or medicine to Dr. Willaim Kaelin Jr., Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Dr. Gregg Semenza appears to reinforce Airnergy’s own research that oxygen levels and how the body processes oxygen is paramount to wellness.

Airnergy Professional Plus

Airnergy’s CEO, Guido Bierther explains, „Airnergy is based on the key to photosynthesis, as well as on the theory of Dr. Otto Warburg, a German physiologist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate.“

Users normally experience positive effects quickly because improved oxygen utilization promotes mitochondrial cell activity and communication, regulates metabolism and releases new vital energy for healing.

Airnergy is an FDA approved medical device made in Germany, yet its effects are so varied and profound it is also being used throughout high-end spas in Europe and is currently making its way into spas in the U.S. The aptly named „Airnergy Forest Breathing Stations“ are something a spa client can experience comfortably and easily in combination with other spa treatments.

Airnergy is being used medically for a range of physical disorders, and emotional stress indicators, including migraine, muscle tension, chronic pain with connective tissue acidaemia, macular degeneration, chronic illness recovery (MS, COPD and Scleroderma), and for recovery following surgery. „We observe various effects in our patients ranging from deeper breathing to deep muscle relaxation. Airnergy clearly improves circulation, and also helps promote wound healing and regeneration,“ reports Dr. Stefan Brauweiler, who uses Airnergy in his clinic. Airnergy users are also reporting beautification of hair and skin and overall rejuvenative effects.

A new theory on the initial cause of chronic illness, autoimmune disease and aging appears to support the benefits of Airnergy treatment.

According to some researchers it may be possible to reverse aging and illness by returning the patient to a more aerobic, oxygenated state, balancing mitochondrial health, gut biome and healthy circulation. CEO Bierther shares the ultimate insight, „Life is in the air.“