Photosynthesis in green leaves: model for AIRNERGY energy vitality cure

Plants – and trees in particular – have always had a special significance for humans. Already in the Old Testament the “tree of knowledge” is reported. In Buddhism, a forest is considered “animated” and trees are then inhabited by deities. In many cultures, trees are a symbol of life, wisdom, steadfastness, strength and protection. Trees also had a special significance for the Celts. They assigned them to certain sections of the year, such as the chestnut of the period from 12 to 21 November or the apple tree of the period from 23 December to 1 January. Last but not least, naturopathy has been using the effects of trees and shrubs for thousands of years.

Almost a third of Germany’s area is forested; this corresponds to around 10.7 million hectares. In its entirety, however, the forest is not only a collection of trees, but a complex community of life with extremely important functions for nature and the environment and thus also for all living beings. In this way, it not only provides oxygen, but also the “right” level of humidity; it also regulates the natural water balance and secures our drinking water supply. The use of wood in house and furniture construction removes the carbon dioxide bound in the wood from the material cycle and is stored for a long time – an important contribution to climate protection. In addition, thanks to the vitality of the atmosphere there, the forest offers us a high recreational value: the temperature here is usually balanced, the air pleasantly moist and pure.

Our forests and meadows are also equivalent to gigantic air filters. The breathing air is cleaned here and naturally vitalized. According to calculations by the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW – German Forest Protection Association), one hectare of spruce forest – i.e. forest on an area of about one football field – can extract around 420 grams of dirt particles from the air. In addition, a forest of this size also filters the impressive amount of around 50 tons of soot and particulate matter per year.

How well the forest does us and how indispensable the energy we receive from it is explained solely by the biological significance of cellular life. This has been confirmed time and again by numerous studies. For example, researchers from South Korea have determined that forest air can increase the already positive effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system: not only does blood pressure decrease significantly during a walk in the forest, but also the lung capacity and the elasticity of the arteries increase. The more trees and plants around people, the lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or other diseases of civilization. The forest is therefore one of the best “gas stations” where one can recharge one’s cell organs (mitochondria).

The health company AIRNERGY from Hennef/Sieg also uses the processes in nature that have existed for millions of years for the spirovitalization he has developed. “Every day, humans breathe in and out about 21,000 times, which is about 7.5 million breaths a year – far more than half a billion in their lives. However, 75% of the inhaled oxygen is exhaled unused: so humans are a relatively poor breather,” emphasized Airnergy founder and managing director Guido Bierther. For example, the company has developed a patent-protected, multi-award-winning process based on the natural processes involved in photosynthesis, the interaction of sunlight and chlorophyll, the dye of green leaves.

The patented activation units of the AIRNERGY Vitalizer switch the atmospheric oxygen of the ambient air (21%) into an active, energy-rich state, which the cell can better metabolize and convert into energy (ATP). The moment of energy formation in the cells (mitochondria) is so important, because it is used to charge our “batteries” and only in this way to maintain the performance and self-healing and especially regeneration processes. Especially with age, illnesses, stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet or environmental stress, people need new energy in order to be able to restore their original performance and well-being. The AIRNERGY process thus helps the body to measurably optimize the energy for oxygen utilization in the cells in the most natural and gentle way.

In the organism, the “AIRNERGY energy” regulates the vegetative nervous system and thus has a positive effect on numerous functions of the body – and without any additional oxygen supply and without any foreign substances! In this so-called spirovitalization, neither the oxygen is increased nor ionized, nor is ozone or chemicals supplied. A look at the processes in nature made this forward-looking development, which is assigned to the scientific circle of bionics, possible.

Karl-Heinz Röber, Professor of Information and Energy Medicine at Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and a member of the AIRNERGY Advisory Board, informs about the energy and composition of the healthy forest air in his new publication “Der kleine Atmos”. Here he also explains why she is so good for us. In his groundbreaking work, the well-known scientist describes the effect and benefits of the “smallest air spa in the world” from the point of view of physics and illustrates why the AIRNERGY application corresponds so much to forest air therapy.

In his 40-page work, Röber explains the astonishing results of his study of the air-atmosphere and water – “the driving force of all nature” – and highlights the importance of these vital elements on the basis of numerous evidence. In doing so, he also deals with the increasing pollution of the air-atmosphere, whereby the water normally present in the atmosphere loses its energetic function: due to its binding to the fine dust and the partly already visible toxins in the air. In addition, due to the large-scale destruction of the natural environment, the natural humidity or its vitality also change negatively. As a result, the author argues, human health is significantly deteriorating, especially in terms of his lungs and energy system. The use of the small AIRNERGY “forest grotto” can counteract this: it works entirely according to the model of nature and has the more than 2000 times greater energetic effect in our body than that of the liquid form of water. This is also the secret of the health-promoting forest air that AIRNERGY is imitating, according to Röber. It also remains effective in our body for three to five days and protects us from all negative environmental influences, because our immune system, now electrically charged, can work more actively.

“The Little Atmos” can be downloaded in German and English via the AIRNERGY website ( In addition, the publication is available from AIRNERGY at Wehrstraße 24-26, 53773 Hennef or can be ordered here by phone at 02242-93300 or by e-mail at Prof. Röber also provides information on the topic in a video article (“What do we breathe and where is the water?”), which is also available on the AIRNERGY website.

Another therapist and lecturer, Dr. Alberto Duque, well known far beyond the borders of his native Colombia, has already helped many thousands of his patients in his practice with the help of AIRNERGY. In a recent interview, he emphasized: “The AIRNERGY Vitalizer works according to a very simple natural principle: it cleanses and activates oxygen at the same time. And he imitates the forest, so that we can now eat its primal energy almost everywhere.”