Dr. Jibin Chi: First winner of the new “Art of Air Award”

Chinese researcher has made a living for breathing atmosphere

They all exist: the “Day of the Open Monument”, the “Day of the Mountains” or the “Day of Friendship”. Commemorative or action days, as they are called, have been initiated into many ordinary and extraordinary events, objects, behaviors. The UN alone has now proclaimed more than 70 “World Days” to commemorate individual historical events or call for action. It is all the more astonishing that there is so far a ‘day of aviation’, but no ‘day of air’, not a single day that reminds us of our highest good.


For the importance of air, or more precisely the breathing atmosphere, is hardly high enough to be estimated, since it is indispensable for the whole life on Earth. It is the source of all our existence. Without food, humans could survive for a few weeks, without water for a few days, but without the oxygen of the air for only a few minutes. So what is more important than this source? Every day, people breathe about 12,000 liters of air in and out about 21,000 times, which is about 7.5 million breaths a year – far more than half a billion in their lives. The air through the lungs supplies our hearts all the time. It can be compared to the surface structure of the mother soil on which we sow and harvest our plants. The better the seeds and nutrients, the better the harvest will be later: our health, our fitness, our well-being, our life. The health company AIRNERGY from Hennef/Sieg, which is dedicated to the (re-)vitalization of the immediate breathing air, has taken the above-described situation as an opportunity to dedicate 21 December to the commemoration of our most valuable food and to celebrate it as “Day of the Air”.

Art of Air Award” for exceptional services

in the field of breathing atmosphere

But that is not enough. The “Art of Air” initiative, founded by AIRNERGY, has also launched a prize, the “Art of Air Award” (AoAA), which is awarded on this special day for extraordinary achievements in the field of breathing atmosphere: an individual, a group or an institution which, on the basis of its research results, has identified significant new findings that are of great importance to our lives.

The “Art of Air Award” has now been presented for the first time to the Chinese researcher Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy, who received the award in the category “Science”received Dr. Chi (in German: Dr. der Energie) is involved worldwide inholistic medicine or natural medicine with innovativehealth technologies and methods. Not only in Asia hhas the renowned scientist carried out and evaluated his own heart rate variability (HRV) measurements in recent years, including the innovative Alpha1 value (it is informative for an overall assessment of the control circuits in the body); he has had extremely positive experiences with AIRNERGY. The well-known researcher, who lives in Sweden, talks about the immense benefits of spirovitalization all over the world.

Dr. Chi: “Making the benefits of spirovitalization internationally known”

On the occasion of his award at the Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg in Königswinter, he said: “This valuable award fills me with joy and pride at the same time. One of my main concerns is to make the benefits of spirovitalizationknown internationally to the general public. The insights from my experience with this treatment method have led me to delve deeper into physiology, energy medicine and quantum biology. AIRNERGY technology has perfectly combined the theories of the two Nobel laureates Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi. This is why AIRNERGY is the reason why we are experiencing so many incredible miracle results, for which classical medical theory cannot explain the reasons. AIRNERGY has really changed the air we breathe and brings the light of life energy into our hearts!”

Guido Bierther, “Art of Air Award” initiator, was pleased with the recognition of the high-ranking award winner: “One of our most important The aim is to create public awareness of our precious way of life and remedy: the ‘breathing atmosphere’. We would like to thank Dr. Chi very much for his courageous research, the results of which impressively confirm that we are on the right track with our basic scientific work, our technology and quality. This is a success that we owe to our customers and our competitors.”

Chi came to his studies on the importance of water content in the air atmosphere not only through the work of the two Nobel laureates. He was also inspired bythe countless documentations and reports of different users. The manufacturer of the vitalizers had collected these meticulously from the beginning and prepared them conscientiously. They then served as the basis for the research work of Dr. med. Klaus Jung, former professor of sports medicine at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz and former member of the Airnergy advisory board, and Dipl.-Ing. & Dipl.-Phys. Karl-Heinz Röber, professor of information and energy medicine at the Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and also member of the AIRNERGY advisory board.

The secret of the health-promoting forest air

Röber recently demonstrated the enormously important role of humidity(relativehumidity) in the breathing atmosphere and presented his groundbreaking findings in a 40-page book (“Der kleine Atmos”). (Free Download via In the first edition, the “down-to-earth” scientist also deals with the increasing pollution of the air. He points out that the water normally present in the atmosphere loses its energetic function (vitality) due to its binding to the fine dust and the (partly already visible) toxins in the air. In addition, due to the large-scale destruction of the natural environment, the natural humidity and its vitality also change negatively. According to the author, this leads to a marked deterioration in human health, particularly in terms of his lungs and energy system. The use of the AIRNERGY vitalizers could counteract this: they worked entirely on the model of nature and had the more than 2000 times greater energetic effect in our body than that of the liquid form of water. This is also the secret of the health-promoting forest air that AIRNERGY is imitating, röber said. It also remains effective in our body for three to five days and protects us from all negative environmental influences, because our immune system, now electrically charged, can work more actively.

In addition to the researchers Röber and Chi as well as the scientific members of the AIRNERGY Advisory Board, Dr. Alberto Duque, well-known therapist and lecturer far beyond the borders of his native Colombia, has also had very positive experiences with spirovitalization and vitalizers. Duque has been treating in-house for more than 30 years. He has carried out and documented more than 18,000 Spirovital applications. He emphasized in a recent TV interview: “The vitalizers work according to a very simple principle of nature that has always they clean and activate the oxygen at the same time. In combination with sunlight, the relative humidity of the ambient air and a method modelled on natural photosynthesis, they switch the immediate breathing atmosphere into a permanently active, energy-rich state, so to speak. Thanks to AIRNERGY, we can now eat almost everywhere this primal energy, which corresponds to that of the forest.”

The “Art of Air” initiative plans to award the award in a total of 21 categories in the coming years. With her award, she wants to honor special merits in the fields of optics, physics, sensor technology, philosophy, music, photography, sustainability, media, art, aviationand last but not least sports,includingaerial acrobatics or disciplines in thefield of sports andgliders.

Talks are currently being held with potential cooperation partnersand professional event organizers regarding the awarding of the prize next year. It is planned that in 2021 the “Art of Air” initiative will, for the first time, put all 21 AoAA categories out to international competition.

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