Dear partners and friends of our company,

We are pleased to recommend a special programme with this letter: Klassik Radio, the well-known radio program for concerts, culture, travel and health, will report on the spirovitalization with AIRNERGY on Saturday, July 13, 2019, from 5 to 6 p.m. in his program “The Healthy Hour” entitled “Fresh Energy for Your Body”.

AIRNERGY founder and managing director Guido Bierther was invited by classical radio presenter Sven Häberle and interviewed on all topics related to Airnergy. In the conversation, which is divided into four parts of about three minutes in the “healthy hour” and is framed by classical music, Bierther describes the essential characteristics of healthy and vital breathing. He also explains how AIRNERGY technology works and its now-described “forest air generator”. The new publication “The Little Atmos”, which is very well received by interested parties and which scientifically illustrates, among other things, the high health significance of the humidity in our breathing atmosphere, is also referred to in the programme.

The entry is rounded off with a competition for which AIRNERGY has donated the “Vital Set Light”, which has been designed for a wide variety of purposes and is ideal for entering the world of spirovitalization or vitalization. The “Vital Set Light” consists of the popular AIRNERGY model “Basis Plus” for the energy from the inside, the AIRNERGY “Stream” – for the energy from outside – as well as the “Aroma-Set 1” (essential oils are not part of the profit), which also makes the combination with aromatherapy possible. The winner can thus get his own small health resort home or to the office.

Klassik Radio will also publish the AIRNERGY interview on its website , in the section “The Healthy Hour”. In addition, the post is made aware of the article four to five times a day in the week following the broadcast, i.e. from Sunday (14 July) to Thursday (18 July).

We would therefore like to prepare you for the fact that in the coming week you may receive more requests for information or therapeutic or commercial providers in the sense of “new spa guests”. Because Klassik Radio has a reach of around 6 million listeners – and several hundred thousand people turn on the station every day.

We would also be grateful if you would inform your customers, business partners and interested parties about the shipment and the AIRNERGY contributions in the coming week. You are welcome to publish these takes or the “little Atmos” (download under on your website, which in turn could lead new visitors here.

With vital greetings