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Hennef, June 2019 – AIRNERGY recently agreed on another forward-looking cooperation: The new partner of the health care company from Hennef/Sieg is the Grand Clinic Germany, which is part of the Grand Cryo Group. Grand Cryo consists of an international chain of centers for beauty treatments and rehabilitation; with the Grand Clinic, the company is represented in Germany at its locations in Dortmund and Düsseldorf. The Grand Clinic – a pioneer in the field of crytherapy (i.e. application of cold for therapeutic purposes) with more than eight years of experience – uses only modern devices of the latest generation for its treatments; no chemical preparations are used. Instead, the body is set to regenerate itself with its natural reserves.

In its studios in Germany, the Grand Clinic offers a unique range of services that permanently strengthen the body and its immune system. The exclusive beauty and wellness therapies offered are not stressful, do not require a great deal of time and promise an effective and sustainable recovery process. These include local cryotherapy, cold sauna, cosmetic teeth whitening, (hydro) massages, chocolate wellness, detox , the nutrition health programme – and now AIRNERGY.

“Many people today want a healthier life. Due to stress and overload in their everyday life, they do not feel comfortable, are stretched and susceptible to diseases. With our therapeutic measures, we help them regain their original vitality, joie de vivre and ability to lead. Our new partner AIRNERGY is also contributing greatly to this,” emphasized Alexey Perelmuter, Managing Director of Grand Cryo Deutschland GmbH.

For its treatment methods, the Grand Clinic uses the AIRNERGY breathing apparatus for spirovitalization, an inhalation application that makes it possible to absorb vital, i.e. healthy and especially energy-rich, bioavailable air even indoors – and this regardless of the living situation and the indoor air conditions. “Our goal is to raise public awareness of our very valuable life and energy good air. And the AIRNERGY course can be combined as a basic treatment with many other treatments: be it with cold therapy, massages or the other health, fitness and wellness offers of the renowned Grand Clinic. We are therefore very happy to get involved here and look forward to working together,” said AIRNERGY founder and managing director Guido Bierther.


The AIRNERGY “young wells” prepare the oxygen of the ambient air (and the water molecules contained in the air) in such a way that it can be optimally converted into energy by the human organism. The small AIRNERGY vitalizers can help to compensate for the loss of energy or vitality caused by general life and environmental influences as well as by physical influences such as those of air conditioning or heating systems. AIRNERGY (re)vitalizes our breathing air by freshly reprocessed and revitalized the immediate breathing atmosphere by electrophysical means (photosynthesis: interplay of sunlight and green leaves), more precisely: the health-promoting forest air.

The air atmosphere inhaled from the small AIRNERGY “forest spa” has the more than 2000 times greater energetic effect in our body than the absorption of water in the liquid form. Similar to forest air, it remains effective in the human body for three to five days and protects against negative environmental influences, because the immune system, now electrically charged, can work more actively. The AIRNERGY energy cure thus ensures that performance and regeneration processes are maintained. Especially with increasing age, stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet or environmental stress, but also in diseases, whether functional or organic, the body is helped with spirovitalization in the gentlest and most natural way in the sense of energy re-formation.

For the many benefits of AIRNERGY therapy, the company not only received countless thank-you letters from doctors, Therapists and patients from all over the world, but also many awards and prizes – among others the century award “Century Award for Innovation” awarded only once so far by the jury of the well-known trade magazine Fitness Tribune, the first-time “Five Star Diamand GREEN Award” of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) and the “Science Award” (Science Award) of the IPO (International Prevention Organization).

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