21.12.2020 – Airnergy Newsletter

On behalf of Airnergy, I am pleased to be able to send you a newsletter at the end of this eventful and eventful year, which gives you an overview of what we do and what we do.

The new circumstances around “Corona” with all the far-reaching effects, severe limitations and consequences have of course also left their mark on Airnergy. But above all we see “light at the end of the tunnel”. At Airnergy, we took advantage of the forced break imposed, preparing our company and the media for the new era

Yes, Corona is this year’s overpowering theme. Not a day goes by without us not having to hear or see any horror stories again. And so humanity observes the development around Corona – divided by different public opinion – on the one hand longingly, on the other hand anxious, ignorant and waiting for the vaccine, for the supposedly healing elixir. Not knowing yet whether this new form of vaccination can protect against the current threats at all, permanently or at least for a longer period of time. Thus, the hope, but also the uncertainty, remains whether the expected side effects do not exceed the real problem. The list of ingredients should sooner or later provide information.

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