Air quality: Is air always the same?

Is air always the same? The importance of the air quality we breathe every day is often underestimated. The guide «Little Atmos» clarifies with regard to air and gives us data that we have not yet heard and do not learn in school… In the news we heard as late as January 2020 about the frighteningly high CO₂ levels and the impending climate catastrophe, which was then replaced by the pandemic that started in February 2020 and then quickly forgotten. And that takes the issue of air – or even just CO₂ levels – off the table again.

But how important is the issue of CO₂ content in the air? What proportion is natural and at what point does it harm us humans? Why is air no longer an issue in the mainstream media? This program explains interesting perspectives on air – and that we would all be well advised to pay more attention to air.