Who and what is behind AIRNERGY?

Well, first of all, an honest and dedicated team of employees who, together with our customers, users, business friends and experts, have been forming a strong community for 15 years. And that with the energy of conviction has already defied many headwinds. In addition, there is an external medical-scientific advisory board, which regularly tests, monitors and researches AIRNERGY in practice – thus supporting its continuous development.

Health care and prevention as a good that is accessible to all.
This is what we are committed to with AIRNERGY. On the basis of measurable results, we were able to prove for the first time that it is not the quantity of oxygen (as with increased oxygen supply of previous oxygen therapies) but its usability for energy metabolism as well as for the regulatory capability of the vegetative nervous system (VNS) in the organism that is of decisive importance. With oxygen as a basis for regeneration and regulation, without the addition of foreign substances. In the form of breathing air – and in a device that is accessible to everyone.

Breathing air as a source of a holistic therapy method:
… AIRNERGY has done pioneering work from the very beginning. The successes have not only caught the attention of physicians and health experts in the world, but have also inspired scientists and researchers from a wide range of disciplines. Experts at institutes and universities, nationally and internationally, are currently researching the basics of how AIRNERGY works. The results of their studies and practical observations are reflected in our further development and specialist literature. In addition, numerous doctors from different disciplines carry out their own practical observations on AIRNERGY. In the meantime, AIRNERGY can draw on experience from a wide range of applications such as COPD, bronchitis, macular degeneration, diabetis, thanks in particular to the dedicated support of our customers from more than 60 countries. For its outstanding commitment in the field of research and documentation Airnergy was awarded the Science Award 2014 by the IPO (International Prevention Organisation) based in Brussels.

In order to meet our quality standards, we are constantly striving for improvements.
We are particularly proud of the fact that AIRNERGY receives this recognition in the field of scientific medicine and of course uses new knowledge to pass it on to our customers via production and professional advice. All AIRNERGY employees adhere to the self-imposed Code of Ethics.

AIRNERGY AG is ISO 13485 certified as a medical device manufacturer – as well as the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental certificate ISO 14001 (ecozert).

Of course, you can also make it even shorter: you should be fine with AIRNERGY. Ambitious, honest and competent people are working on this. THAT is AIRNERGY.

AIRNERGY is an inhalation principle that can help the user to better utilise the oxygen content of the breathing air.
And this without the supply of an increased oxygen concentration or non-body substances. The AIRNERGY energy dispensers use a patented technology that our developers have looked over the shoulder of nature. This is the way to mimic an essential process of photosynthesis, which is intended to help the organism to bring the natural atmospheric oxygen into a body-appropriate form. Our experience has shown that the quantity of oxygen (VO2 Max) is not decisive, as with conventional oxygen therapies, but the quality, i.e. usability (utilisation). An exception is, of course, emergency and intensive care medicine.

Many users of AIRNERGY say that the use of Spirovital therapy alongside brushing teeth, eating or drinking has long since become an integral part of everyday life.
Over the past 10 years, AIRNERGY has made this a recognized figure in complementary medicine in more than 60 countries worldwide, in many thousands of users, in millions of applications annually, in hundreds of doctors and therapists, in professional sports, in the wellness and beauty sector – or at home and in the office. We are proud of that. And we continue to work tirelessly on this.

If you want to know if AIRNERGY can be the right support for your regeneration or prevention – please ask the doctor of your trust. Or the many physicians and therapists who already know AIRNERGY or use it during therapy. This and other AIRNERGY partners can be found in our provider search on this website.

More specific information may, of course, only be made available to medical professionals in accordance with the Medicinal Products Advertising Act and in the interests of consumer protection. On this website we offer numerous scientific studies, studies, publications in specialist media and insightful image and information material in a field that is assured for professionals.

Air is sucked into the back of the device by a bacterial filter, which also serves as a dust filter. (The air is not separated into oxygen and nitrogen as in oxygen concentrators.) By a method modelled on photosynthesis (chemolumineszens = intense light with a special wavelength), the air is passed through AIRNERGY vitalizers and flows for humidification by water in a glass bottle (equivalent to a laboratory gas washing bottle). The humidified air flows again via AIRNERGY vitalizers. In the vitalizers, the oxygen content of the air from the triplet state (3O2 not reactive) is constantly activated into the singlet state (1O2 reactive). Within < 0.23 msec. oxygen falls back to its basic state, the triplet state. This interplay is repeated tens of times per O2 molecule. The energy released during relapse into the triplet state is absorbed by the water molecules in the air, which are excellent quenchers for 1O2 states. The energy thus passes directly to the water molecules. Water molecules are therefore of fundamental importance for the AIRNERGY principle: The air moistened in the breathing apparatus with water (H2O) flows through the stainless steel nozzle at the front from the device into the breathing glasses. The water in the humidifying glass bottle should have at least drinking water quality. It can be distilled, or bi-distilled or demineralized water (osmosis water).

Different oxygen therapies are also used for different diseases and indications. AIRNERGY distinguishes itself from the classical oxygen therapies as follows:

  • AIRNERGY does not cause the body an unphysiologically high concentration of oxygen
  • AIRNERGY does not cause oxygen radicals to the body (ionized oxygen / ozone)
  • AIRNERGY does not force reactions due to substance injection

Instead, AIRNERGY Spirovital therapy has the following objectives:

  • AIRNERGY is intended to optimize the regulatory capability of the vegetative nervous system and thus the control and regulation processes in the body
  • AIRNERGY is intended to optimize oxygen utilization, i.e. the use of oxygen in cells (mitochondria – energy-fired power plants)
  • AIRNERGY is supposed to defend the protective functions of cells against free radicals by increasing the body’s own protective enzymes without supplying foreign substances!
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