Spiroyal Spiroviatal-Therapie jetzt mieten

In the new CitySpa Cocoons of the legendary Capella Breidenbacher Hof, which offers 24 hours of service, owner Swantje Droessel relies on the close and exclusive cooperation with Spiroyal. An absolute novelty in the first-class Treatment Spa, located in the city centre. Absolute silence, tranquility and “privacy” offers here, far from the city hustle and bustle, the unique base and free use of the Spiroyal within an hour-long spa session.

For this purpose, the spa specialists of the CitySpa Cocoons developed rites tailored to the inhalation time of 21 minutes and thus initiate during the “bathing in the forest”, according to the common lyre of intensive refuelling with Spiroyal, a palpable, sustainable dermovitalization and at the same time a coherent anti-aging.

These very positive experiences and above all the immensely great response of the discerning customers of the house and the local Düsseldorfers to this worldwide unique combination of therapy and experiences inspired Swantje Droessel and Guido Bierther to make this fast-acting method accessible to the national as well as international spa scene, by presenting the concept in detail to all interested parties and suitable spa operators.

“The proceeds are really surprising and encourage us in the joint project of selectively multiplying this idea… Swantje Droessel, who has been developing leading CitySpas for more than two decades, enthuses. Guido Bierther, the developer and visionary behind Spiroyal: “We are very impressed by this exclusive connection…” and thus underlines the joint marketing with CitySpa Cocoons into the four- and five-star hotel industry. Bierther reveals that the first concrete interested parties are already “in the pipeline” and both expect a very fast developing demand not only from the hoteliers.

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CitySpa Cocoons: +49 211 16090230
Email: cityspa.cocoons@capellahotels.com

Credit: CitySpa Cocoons

ABOUT SPIROYAL – Energy supply and vitalization from inside and outside
The vitalizers from SPIROYAL, consisting of the avant-garde breathing station and the STREAM HS for external treatment, are the perfect complement to soothing beauty treatments and massages. SpiROYAL offers guests something unprecedented: the brand’s products provide a fresher look, more energy, more sleep quality and yes – more quality of life. Behind the fledgling SPIROYAL brand is the German healthcare company AIRNERGY. Founded in 2000, AIRNERGY offers people health, energy and conditioning a solution to the growing burden of global air pollution.
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