The Manual on Somatovital Therapy

Handbook of Somatovital Therapy by: Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, Dr. phil. Dinah Jung

Part I: Scientific Basics – Münster: Monsenstein and Vannerdat, 2013
Part II: Studies and Practical Experiences – Münster: Monsenstein and Vannerdat, 2014

2014 Vannerdat
Manuals-of-somatovital therapyNo life without oxygen! Necessary for all vital functions, it can only perform its role in energy production in its activated form, under physiological conditions no problem. In case of reduced vitality (disease, stress, age), a new technical development – somatovitalization – supports this process. Three dosage forms are available: spirovitalization (supply of active biophotons via the respiratory air), gastrovitalization (supply via the gastrointestinal mucosa), dermovitalization (supply via the skin).

The handbook Part I – Scientific Foundations describes the individual procedures in detail, scientifically discusses their biochemical-physiological bases, compares them with conventional oxygen therapies and proves their overall effectiveness in prevention, curation and rehabilitation on the basis of case studies and international studies.

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ISBN: 978-3-95645-062-4 – 180 pages – Hardcover


The Handbook Part II: Studies and Practical Experiences describe recognized somatovital effects on selected organ systems, important bodily functions and common clinical conditions in detail, analyze as general principles of classical naturopathic procedures and consider some visions for future developments. The scientific discussions focus on the underlying biochemical-physiological relationships, clear case descriptions and detailed documentation of international studies.

You can order the book Part II here directly from the publisher.

ISBN: 978-3-95645-353-3 – 380 pages – Hardcover

Medical literature on somatovital therapy

Annotated Literature List (as of August 2015)

“Somatovital therapy” refers to the application of a comparatively young technology in which the process of photosynthesis is reproduced. With the help of a light source (comparable to the sun) and a photosensibilizer (comparable chlorophyll), the ambient air is artificially produced as a singlet oxygen.

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