In its latest issue, published on AIRNERGY’s birthday, “Paracelsus Magazin” also reports on the development of the company up to its age of majority.

“Paracelsus” is the organ of six professional associations of free therapists as well as the Paracelsus-Heilpraktiker schools at 54 locations and for more than 40 years the most important training institute for naturopathy and free psychotherapy in the German-speaking countries.

The editorial team began by writing “18 Years of AIRNERGY – The Success Story of Spirovitalization”: “In September 2018, the health care company AIRNERGY from Hennef will celebrate its 18th birthday. Today, it presents itself as a successful, recognized company that produces sophisticated products along the lines of nature. What’s more, AIRNERGY has become the epitome of bubbling life energy. And this in relation to a competent team under the direction of a dedicated managing director as well as to the breathing station he designed and technically developed. The company claim: ‘Energy from within’ is lived at AIRNERGY.”

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