Vitalizers also provide valuable help in corona diseases

Hennef, March 13, 2020 – AIRNERGY AG, a healthcare company from Hennef/Sieg and a subsidiary of AIRNERGY International GmbH, will be liquidated by a shareholder resolution of February 19, 2020. The orderly dissolution of the company will take place in the coming months by the initiator as well as liquidator and former CEO of AIRNERGY AG, Guido Bierther, founder of AIRNERGY in 2000 and sole shareholder and managing director of the successful parent company.

With this decision, all Airnergy core activities at AIRNERGY International GmbH will be concentrated. “We will no longer be focusing on the public limited companies in Germany and their shareholding structure in the future. Today, these are rather the international country and partner companies, besides Germany, especially those in China, USA, Europe, England and Switzerland. What made sense to us just a few years ago has now changed significantly due to the changed international market and business structure,” says Bierther. “Recently, AIRNERGY AG has had very limited operational activity. Therefore, the liquidation step, which had been prepared in the long term, was now logical.”

AIRNERGY has been in existence for 20 years. The company is a pioneer and first developer of an innovative technology, the so-called AIRNERGY vitalizers, which serve as a basic application for energy formation in the body, are used in numerous medical disciplines and thus help holistically. The small power plants are designed for people who want to take their health into their own hands.

The absorption of fresh breathing air and energy with the help of the AIRNERGY vitalizers is carried out by breathing. These “smallest air spas in the world” are comparable to forest air generators. They can be used anywhere in the world and provide valuable help at home, in the office or in therapeutic practice.

Using the oxygen content of the ambient air (21%) in combination with sunlight, relative humidity and a method modelled on photosynthesis, they bring the breathing atmosphere into an active, energy-rich state; this can better metabolize the human cell and thus convert it into new energy and vitality.

Due to the regular absorption of this powerful air atmosphere, performance defects in particular can be compensated and repair and regeneration processes can be carried out, maintained or optimized in a natural way. Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening corona exposure, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they not only strengthen the cells of the lungs and the energy system of the human being by absorbing energy through the respiratory tract.

Dr Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy and winner of the AIRNERGY Art of Air Award, said: “Strengthening respiratory function and the immune system are two key strategies in the fight against and the further spread of coronavirus. In this respect, AIRNERGY is an excellent tool for individuals or self-responsible families who want to stay away from the virus or protect themselves from it, or have become infected with this or a similar flu virus. Vitalization via breathing with AIRNERGY can significantly improve the respiratory function as well as the construction of the body’s own protective systems. Thus, the self-healing powers as well as the own immune system can be strengthened and the body can be supplied with essential electrical energy from the pharmacy of nature and on a cellular level with vital and usable oxygen, as is known so far only from the so-called “forest bathing”.

“With the arronized corporate structure, we are well prepared for future new challenges. Our employees and the partners of AIRNERGY look forward very confidently, because people’s awareness of the often underestimated importance of breathing and thus the acceptance for our vital products is constantly increasing. This is also one reason why we are further expanding our production facility and already opening up new sales markets,” Bierther stressed.

The successes of AIRNERGY make scientific and especially medical circles stand out. For her work and performance since its founding in 2000, AIRNERGY has received numerous awards, including the “Science Award” of the IPO (International Prevention Organization) and the “Century Award for Innovation” of the Expert Council of the Trade Journal for Health, Beauty and Sports: the Fitness Tribune.

In addition to private individuals and companies, the users of AIRNERGY products include hundreds of doctors and naturopaths in Germany alone, as well as prominent public figures from the fields of sports, business, politics and the media, such as Herbert Grönemeyer. “AIRNERGY has been part of my daily life for a number of years, such as brushing my teeth or showering. The device revives and soothes at the same time. I am a self-confessed airnergetiker,” says the well-known singer-songwriter. Ottmar Hitzfeld, who uses AIRNERGY technology together with his wife, also emphasized: “We don’t want to miss the Airnergy method anymore because of the many good experiences.”

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