Air wiki

Air is always there. It is on it, under it, in front of it, behind it and next to it. However, it has no visible length, height or width. But what looks like nothing has a variety of functions.

It’s amazing how often people think about food. What they would like to eat, what they would better not have eaten, what they would like to eat again…

But how often do people think about their most important food?

Breathing air is usually invisible and the invisible rarely matters. It is equally astonishing how little knowledge about breathing air is available on the Internet.

The goal of AIR WIKI is to give you a deeper understanding of its shape and impact – the first website that makes breathing air understandable.

We would be pleased if you would like to support us with your experience and help to fill our AIR WIKI with your (external) content.

We wish you a lot of fun on this page.