In a fascinating design, a brand new “AIRNERGY” energy model of the highest class presents itself: the “Himalaya”,

the most powerful vitalizer in the world, created by the company on the occasion of its 18th birthday and produced in a limited edition; the first delivery will start on 21 November 2018.

The “Himalaya” is constructed as an octagon, i.e. with an octagonal, symmetrical structure. Thus, the unique design refers to the Greek philosopher Plato (ca. 427 – 347 BC), who developed bodies of the greatest possible symmetry. The octahedron, which, like the other Platonic bodies, was integrated into its philosophical system, corresponded to the element “air”.

The “Himalaya” is a technology carrier of the company; it is equipped with the new generation of duo vitalizers first developed by AIRNERGY, which have been in intensive, thousands of tests for eight years, and will now go into series production for the first time with the futuristic design. A few other technical sophistication enrich this very special “State of the Art” vitalizer; they will be described in detail later. The “Himalaya” chassis is made of noble carbon fibres, which have also been refined with a special coating. The edition of the “Silver edition” model includes 888 numbered copies, of which those with the most popular serial numbers are already reserved or pre-ordered. As a result, the “Himalaya” is likely to develop into a sought-after collector’s item, the increase in value of which could be pre-programmed.

Michael Nassenstein, Phone: 0163-3419039, mna – 2018-0402