Oxygen energy therapy

combines inhalation therapy with aromatherapy

Many ancient cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians or the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, knew the beneficial powers of fragrances and use fragrances or plant parts to maintain health for body, mind and soul. Scented smoke caused by the inflalighting of selected plants and herbs had a calming, relaxing, concentration-promoting or activating effect.

The importance of aromas and our special and unique aroma blends

Recommended use

Ask your therapist about the application and dosage. Note
possible allergic reactions to oils!

  • At COPD

    chronic bronchitis

  • For mourning


  • For breathing difficulties

  • For colds

  • For burn-out syndrome

  • For sleep disorders mixture "Melissa"

  • For sleep disorders mixture "incense"

  • For sleep disorders mix "Valerian"

  • For migraine

  • For bronchitis

  • For high blood pressure

  • For low blood pressure

  • For asthma

  • For discouragement

  • For anxiety

  • For ADS / ADHD / Hyperactivity

  • For panic attacks

  • For sleep disorders mix "Valerian"

  • For nervousness, hectic, hyperactivity

  • For exhaustion