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Lebensträume April 2022 (Life dreams)

Lebens(t)räume - Das Magazin für Gesundheit & Bewusstsein   Lebensträume april 2022 (Life dreams) Here you can download the full magazine    
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The Medical Leader reports on Airnergy

" Medical Leaders" - Renowned Cologne publishing house published article about Airnergy The renowned Cologne publishing house "Medical Leaders", publisher of the publication "Best hotels of the world", recently published a four-page…

Vision Earth 2.0 – For a livable world

Discover together with the speakers the vision of a future worth living in https://visionen-erde-2.de Health awareness Nutrition good air healthy clothing community togetherness Monetary…
PULSAR Journal March 2022 AIRNERGY The secrets of food
Air quality - Is air always the same 800x800
AIRNERGY Keep Calm and Breath Aware
Airnergy AvantGarde mit Stream HS We have a Dream web

The use of AIRNERGY strengthens the energy and defenses

Immunity (Latin means independence, integrity) - a magic word that is currently on everyone's face. Free from illness, persecution and immunity from all hostile acts in the world: Yes, who does not want this heavenly state? Since the beginning…
AIRNERGY launches power dwarf
Free Energy Press Release
Health messenger press article AIRNERGY to support the immune system
Art of Air Award - Health Award

Seven times the “Art of Air Award” in 2020

Hennef, December 21, 2020 - "Seven at a stroke" - who doesn't know him: The famous proverb from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm "The Brave Little Tailor"? With this in mind, the Art of Air initiative (initiated by Hennef health company…
Atemluft und Gesundheit

Spirovital therapy for healthy breathing air with AIRNERGY

Guido Bierther is a successful German entrepreneur and inventor of AIRNERGY devices for healthy breathing air, who has been awarded several prizes for science and innovation. He has been working with scientists, doctors and top athletes in the…
Naturopathy Journal January 2021 AIRNERGY Blog post
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New AIRNERGY publication: “The Little Atmos”

AIRNERGY had developed the idea for the publication and the concept, and Karl-Heinz Röber, professor of information and energy medicine at the Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and a member of the AIRNERGY Advisory Board, was able to win the textual implementation.....
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AIRNERGY cooperation partner: A pioneer in the field of mental training

Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they ....
Natural Medicine Magazine

Special publication: Naturopathy Journal April 2020

Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they ....
AIRNERGY Stream - Therapy and help with chest pain

Stream – Dermovital therapy with AIRNERGY

Application: Commercial & Private Article No: 3010055     For commercial institutions and home users for local use. Within the AIRNERGY stream, a familiar energy is produced, which can be transferred to the affected…

brain+ The young AIRNERGY & neobeats brand for mindfulness

Marvin Albert (born 1996), an internet entrepreneur from Worms/Cologne, not only had a fine nose when, outside the health matrix, as he publicly calls it, he was looking for advice for a better quality of life, especially for his 80-year-old…

“The Little Atmos” is now also available as a movie!

In keeping with our latest and most compact development of the AIRNERGY Little Breathing Device, we would like to educate you with this video and guide on why you breathe 15,000 litres a day of pure breathing air and why it has a much greater…

What happens when good air becomes medicine?

That the #air is the #most important good for us #people unfortunately, it is often completely overlooked and underestimated. Of course, there is #Fine dust and much more in the air – but who wonders about the energy it contains. The energy…

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