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Air quality - Is air always the same 800x800
Airnergy Art of Air Award 21.12.2020
Airnergy AvantGarde with Stream HS for use in beauty and wellness

The use of AIRNERGY strengthens the energy and defenses

Immunity (Latin means independence, integrity) - a magic word that is currently on everyone's face. Free from illness, persecution and immunity from all hostile acts in the world: Yes, who does not want this heavenly state? Since the beginning…
Health Award Alexander Glogg (QS24)

Seven times the “Art of Air Award” in 2020

Hennef, December 21, 2020 - "Seven at a stroke" - who doesn't know him: The famous proverb from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm "The Brave Little Tailor"? With this in mind, the Art of Air initiative (initiated by Hennef health company…
AIRNERGY Breathing Air and Health

Spirovital therapy for healthy breathing air with AIRNERGY

Guido Bierther is a successful German entrepreneur and inventor of AIRNERGY devices for healthy breathing air, who has been awarded several prizes for science and innovation. He has been working with scientists, doctors and top athletes in the…
Network-Career Business Newspaper AIRNERGY
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What do we breathe and where is the water?

What do we breathe and where is the water? In his article "What are we breathing and where is the water?" Professor Karl-Heinz Röber, lecturer in information and energy medicine at Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai, describes…
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Cooperation partner AIRNERGY introduces breathing apparatus for spirovitalization

At INAKARB analysis days in Leipzig:   Hennef, July 31, 2018 – The most precise diagnostic procedures and fascinating systems of space medicine will be presented by the renowned INAKARB, International Academy for Regulatory Medicine…

Spa Premium Set – For energy from inside and outside

In a commercial or private environment where attractive design and extravagas are desired. Whether with an insight into the filigree technology of the AvantGarde cristal, in timeless white or black, in granite, marble or with rootwood veneer…
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AIRNERGY plans to strengthen cooperation with salt caves

An air spa in the air spa Spirovital therapy of the company is very well received there   AIRNERGY will strengthen cooperation with salt caves and seek new partners; this has now been decided by the company. For many years now,…
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Health Lounge in Berlin-Kladow

Health Lounge in Berlin-Kladow "Open Days"   Berlin-Kladow, August 24, 2018 - Health lounge host Nicole Renneberg invites you to two "open days" in the premises of the health lounge in 14089 Berlin-Kladow (district Spandau), Alt…
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Small breaks for more power in everyday life & energy filling stations

"Small breaks for more power in everyday life & energy filling stations" in the health lounge in Berlin-Kladow   Last weekend, health lounge presenter Nicole Renneberg presented "Small breaks for more strength in everyday life"…
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Highlight: The new “Himalaya” in fascinating design and limited edition

In a fascinating design, a brand new "AIRNERGY" energy model of the highest class presents itself: the "Himalaya", the most powerful vitalizer in the world, created by the company on the occasion of its 18th birthday and produced in a limited…
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New AIRNERGY publication: “The Little Atmos”

AIRNERGY had developed the idea for the publication and the concept, and Karl-Heinz Röber, professor of information and energy medicine at the Lujiazui International United University in Shanghai and a member of the AIRNERGY Advisory Board, was able to win the textual implementation.....
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AIRNERGY again represented at “Medical Week” in Baden-Baden

This year, AIRNERGY will once again be represented at the "Medical Week", the Medical Congress for Complementary Medicine; it will take place from 31 October to 4 November 2018 in the Baden-Baden Congress Centre. For the 52nd time, numerous…
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“Paracelsus Magazin”: “The smallest air spa in the world” is of legal age

In its latest issue, published on AIRNERGY's birthday, "Paracelsus Magazin" also reports on the development of the company up to its age of majority. "Paracelsus" is the organ of six professional associations of free therapists as well as the…
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AIRNERGY protects its brand “SPIROVITAL”

The name may only be used with reference to AIRNERGY Now it is official: under the number 017887107 the name "SPIROVITAL" created by the Hennefer health company AIRNERGY has been registered as a European EU trade mark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Guido Bierther, AIRNERGY founder and managing director, received the corresponding certificate a few days ago.....
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18 years of AIRNERGY – 18 answers: Health lounge reports on the company

On the occasion of AIRNERGY's 18th birthday, Nicole Renneberg, moderator of the Berlin Health Lounge, visited the company in Hennef with her film team on 21 November 2018 and interviewed company founder and managing director Guido Bierther
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AIRNERGY dedicates December 21st to the “Day of the Air”:

They all exist: the "Day of the Open Monument", the "Day of the Mountains" or the "Day of Friendship". Commemorative or action days, as they are called, became many ordinary and extraordinary events, objects....
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Our forest air: an indispensable source of energy

Plants – and trees in particular – have always had a special significance for humans. Already in the Old Testament the "tree of knowledge" is reported. In Buddhism, a forest is considered "animated" and trees are...
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SPIROYAL® – the new AIRNERGY brand for the highest customer demands

Royal breathing with an extravagant fountain of youth   Hennef, in September 2018 – SPIROYAL® – is the name of a new brand under which the Hennefer healthcare company AIRNERGY will offer a particularly beautiful energy breathing…
Spiroyal Spiroviatal-Therapie jetzt mieten

SPIROYAL – Energy supply and vitalization from inside and outside

In the new CitySpa Cocoons of the legendary Capella Breidenbacher Hof, which offers 24 hours of service, owner Swantje Droessel relies on the close and exclusive cooperation with Spiroyal. An absolute novelty in the first-class Treatment Spa,…
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Successful AIRNERGY participation in the Bonn Prevention Congress “Staying Healthy.”

"Stay healthy." was the motto of this year's Prevention Congress, which took place on 23. and 24 May 2019 at the Telekom Dome in Bonn.
AIRNERGY at the 53rd Medical Week in Baden-Baden
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54th Medical Week Baden-Baden from 28.10.-1.11.2020

Europe's largest medical congress for complementary medicine AIRNERGY will once again be taking part this year: medical week Baden-Baden is the largest congress in Europe for complementary medicine and a platform for training, further education…
Grand Clinic Deutschland

Grand Clinic Germany: The pioneer in cryotherapy is a new AIRNERGY cooperation partner

Vitalizers at the Dortmund and Düsseldorf locations Hennef, June 2019 – AIRNERGY recently agreed on another forward-looking cooperation: The new partner of the health care company from Hennef/Sieg is the Grand Clinic Germany, which is…


Dear partners and friends of our company, We are pleased to recommend a special programme with this letter: Klassik Radio, the well-known radio program for concerts, culture, travel and health, will report on the spirovitalization…

yahoo finance: Is this the Key to Rejuvenation and Reversing Illness?

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / October 15, 2019 / You can live about three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without air.   An innovative company based in Germany,…
AIRNERGY at the 53rd Medical Week in Baden-Baden

Medical Week 2019

The 53rd Medical Week in Baden-Baden is just around the corner and AIRNERGY is back as every year. We would be pleased if we could welcome you again this year at our booth 25 in the1. OG welcome....
Art-of-Air Award_Zertifikat
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2019 Art of Air Award

Hennef, December 21, 2019 – The Art of Air initiative, founded by AIRNERGY, has also awarded the Art of Air Award (AoAA), launched a year ago, to Dr. Jibin Chi, President of the Channel Biomedical Group and Director of the CHI Awakening Academy, in 2019. Chi has ...
Waldbaden mit AIRNERGY (Ausgabe 55) Quell-Bericht
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The magazine for sustainable living "Source" reports in issue 55 about air and - conscious breathing. THE core theme of AIRNERGY. The Hennefer company AIRNERGY reports in the Quell magazine about the 20 years of experience with air, forest bathing for the home and the forest air generator....
Life is in the Air
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AIRNERGY reports in the health messenger NRW

In the January issue of the magazine Health Bote NRW, the Hennefer company AIRNERGY International GmbH reports on a total of four pages about the technology and possibilities that I can derive from the application by spirovitalization by means of the AIRNERGY devices. In addition to the fields of wellness, health care and prevention reported....
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On corporate arrondissement: Ordered liquidation of AIRNERGY AG in favour of AIRNERGY International GmbH

Vitalizers also provide valuable help in corona diseases Hennef, March 13, 2020 – AIRNERGY AG, a healthcare company from Hennef/Sieg and a subsidiary of AIRNERGY International GmbH, will be liquidated by a shareholder resolution of February 19, 2020.
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AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help even in the current Corona crisis

Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they ....
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AIRNERGY cooperation partner: A pioneer in the field of mental training

Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they ....
Natural Medicine Magazine

Special publication: Naturopathy Journal April 2020

Especially in times of waves of flu or the currently threatening Corona crisis, the AIRNERGY vitalizers provide valuable help, as they ....
AIRNERGY Stream - Therapy and help with chest pain

Stream – Dermovital therapy with AIRNERGY

Application: Commercial & Private Article No: 3010055     For commercial institutions and home users for local use. Within the AIRNERGY stream, a familiar energy is produced, which can be transferred to the affected…

brain+ The young AIRNERGY & neobeats brand for mindfulness

Marvin Albert (born 1996), an internet entrepreneur from Worms/Cologne, not only had a fine nose when, outside the health matrix, as he publicly calls it, he was looking for advice for a better quality of life, especially for his 80-year-old…

“The Little Atmos” is now also available as a movie!

Brain+ has now breathed digital life into AIRNERGY's popular guide. 21 minutes of concentrated information about the most important source of energy in our lives, which is often ignored and whose meaning we should learn from as children at school…
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What happens when good air becomes medicine?

That the #air is the #most important good for us #people unfortunately, it is often completely overlooked and underestimated. Of course, there is #Fine dust and much more in the air – but who wonders about the energy it contains. The energy…

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